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This is my humble webpage, please feel free to check out my work below. I am currently studing for my Master's in Computer Science. I have finished a Bachelor's in Media Technology, one semester at Aalto University (puhun Suomea!) and one year as a guest student at Keio University (日本語をうまく書くことができませんが、少し読むことができます!) You can find my mail in the footer - please use it for good only! My CV can be found here!

Ordering food in languages I don't speak
Karaoke knowledge
Making tea
Solving problems while bathing
Snapchat doodling
Making mayonnaise


/*Mars 2017-June 2019*/

Netlight consulting is an IT and management consult company with over 1200 consults all over Europe. I have been working at Netlight f om the Spring of 2017 as one of the designers at the inhouse design studio. Tasks have included concept art and animations for annual conferences, large format printing, and UX testing of digital services.

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edge X
Edge Hamburg
Summit 18
Photo- graphy
Planning poker
Design Delivery
Game of Life
Tokyo modelling
Portrait photography
Platform Afrika

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Master's projects

/*August 2017-June 2019*/

During my Master's in Computer Science at KTH, Royal Institute of Technology I have been worked with project exploring cutting edge interaction design - foremost in my Master's thesis.

Clay Pepper [Master's thesis]
Mute Mike II
Soar & Fall

one work