The project

This is beBeam! beBeam is an AR (augmented reality) game where your objective is to lead a light beam to hit a target. You do this by placing mirrors and reflecting it in the real world.

In today's industry, AR is mostly used only as a complement or a gimmick in applications. To oppose this thinking, we want to create a game experience that is built upon the possibilities AR allows instead of being a complement. To be able to navigate the game - the player has to interact and explore all three spacial dimentions.

The project aimed to produce an engaging AR experience with state of the art co-op and effective tracking.

We want to explore how shadows and reflections can enhance the user’s spatial awareness to the virtual objects. Also how different post-processing methods can enhance the light beam and the overall experience.

We want to make interactions in AR as seamless as possible and give multimodal feedback. The latter to such a degree that it makes text and oral instructions redundant.

Game aspects

The game
Our progress
Game mechanics
Sound system
Multiplayer aspect
Shader magic
Post processing

one work

The team

Erik Lindström

Jonas Abu Nijmeh

Kasper Karlgren

Lucas Grönborg

Robin Kammerlander

This is who we are, do not be afraid to contact us!